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Greetings to participants and guests of the festival 2013

To the participants and guests of the I International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"

Dear friends!

I am happy to welcome the participants and guests of the I International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"!
This festival, born in the tricentennial year of our city, has become a good tradition of the St. Petersburg musical summer. Beautiful music performed by professional and amateur choirs from all around the world will be heard in the concert halls and temples of St. Petersburg for several days.
Choral singing builds a singular artistic environment that brings people together and gives them an opportunity to get acquainted with the treasures of the great classical culture.
I am sure that the choir festival "The Singing World" will be a true delight for the St. Petersburg residents and visitors, and will bring joy and inspiration to all lovers of choral singing!
I wish success in performances to all participants of the festival, and most colourful impressions - to those who are meeting the beautiful city of St. Petersburg for the first time!

Governor of St. Petersburg Georgij S. Poltavchenko

To the organizers, participants and guests
of the XI International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"

Dear friends,

I welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the XI International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World!
The Singing World traditionally brings together talented choral and folk music artists from different countries in St. Petersburg. The festival is an example of the revival of Russian cultural traditions in choral singing, giving us an opportunity to bring our rich spiritual heritage home to the spectators and participants.
The festival is conducive to enhancing the prestige of Russian culture, expanding the international cultural horizon and helping the listeners to get acquainted with the best world classics.
I am pleased to note that The Singing World expands its geography; it is a great honor for all choirs to demonstrate their mastery in the Northern capital. For them, such meetings are not only a unique chance to assert themselves, but also an opportunity to become familiar with the repertoire and specifics of choral singing in other countries.
I sincerely wish the organizers every success, inspiration and unforgettable experience to all participants and guests!

Chairman of the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg V.Y. Pankratov

To the International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"

Dear friends!

On behalf of the All-Russian Choral Society I welcome the participants and guests of the International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"!
This festival offers a great opportunity to come together for professional musicians and amateurs, regardless of their ethnicity, religion and age.
In addition to the concert program, which will make listeners know the unbelievable variety of choral art, the festival will allow the choirs and ensembles to participate in the competition in honour of the St. Petersburg composer Yuri Falik.
All these cultural activities are aimed at our common goal: preservation of the traditions and promotion of choral singing in Russia, or, in line with the name of the festival, preservation of the singing world in its full beauty. After all, choral singing is one of the most democratic and oldest forms of musical expression.
I wish success to the festival, and an atmosphere of artistic competition and friendship to everyone!

Chairman of the All-Russian Choral Society
Artistic Director - Director of the Mariinsky Theatre
Honorary citizen of St. Petersburg
Hero of Labor of Russia
People's Artist of the Russian Federation
V.A. Gergiev

Dear friends,
Esteemed participants of the International Competition and Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"!

It is for the eleventh time that we are meeting on the hospitable land of St. Petersburg, the true cultural capital of Russia. The singular architecture of our city, its beauty filled with true spirituality are consonant with the idea of the International Choral Festival the idea of bringing people together in their quest for the beautiful and for spiritual kinship.
Numerous palaces, masterpieces of urban sculpture, rivers and canals, the majestic Neva, museums rich in gems of the world art are highlights of St. Petersburg. But the chief asset of St. Petersburg is its people who are true connoisseurs of the beautiful. For them meeting each and every participant of the Festival will be a happy and memorable event.
There is no doubt that the groups participating in the 9th International competition of choirs and vocal ensembles named in honor of Yuri Falik will demonstrate their skill, dedication and passion for choral singing, creating an atmosphere of a big celebration of art.
I wish all the participants and guests the cloudless sky in the days of the festival, great inspiration to the contestants , and a variety of experiences to everyone!

Chairman of International Jury of
the 9th International Competition named after Yury Falik,
Head of Choral Conducting Department of
St. Petersburg State Conservatoire
named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov,
Artistic Director of Student Choir of
St. Petersburg N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire,
Peoples Artist of Russia,
Valery Uspensky

Dear lovers of choral music,

I am glad to welcome you on behalf of one of Russia's oldest artistic associations - the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg! For eleven years already early August in St. Petersburg has been marked by a great musical celebration - the Singing World International Festival of Choral Art.
For the ninth time the Festival will host the International Competition of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles The Singing World named in honor of the prominent contemporary composer Yuri Falik. His contribution to the development of the national choral movement is huge, and his numerous choral works are performed extensively in Russia and abroad.
The Union of Composers of St. Petersburg is happy to underscore the fact that the concert of choral music by the composers of our city has become a successful festival tradition. This year it will take place at one of the most beautiful concert halls at the A.K. Glazunov Small Hall of the St. Petersburg N. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire. The audience will hear works of the members of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers performed by Russian and, what is very important, by foreign choirs. This fact indicates a high degree of interest of the choirs and the audience in the modern choral music by composers from the city on the Neva.
To all the participants and guests of the Festival I wish joy from the encounter with lofty choral art. Let the artistic and friendly atmosphere of the Festival prevail, and let there be fair play! And let the beautiful music, uniting us and uplifting our souls, be the winner of the competition!

Chairman of St. Petersburg Union of Composers,
Artistic Director of
"St.Petersburg Musical Spring" International Festival,
Honoured Worker of Arts of the Russian of Arts,
Winner of the St. Petersburg Government Prize,
Grigory Korchmar

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