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Greetings to participants and guests of the festival 2014

To the organizers, participants and guests
of the XI International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"

Dear friends,

Welcome to the participants, guests and organizers of the 12th International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World! Throughout its existence, the festival has become one of the major musical traditions of the St. Petersburg summer and gained a worldwide reputation. Every year it brings together more than 40 choirs and ensembles from all over the world, and this year is no exception. Prominent conductors and composers, singers and teachers of choral disciplines, intellectuals from dozens of countries arrive to take part in this great musical forum.
The program of the festival becomes increasingly diverse and rich, including a soiree of music by St. Petersburg composers, a concert of Russian sacred music in the Kazan Cathedral, a folk music recital at the Ethnographic Museum and much more.
I am sure that The Singing World festival will be a true celebration of choral art, contributing to strengthening mutual trust and understanding and bringing the joy of communicating with interesting and talented people.
I heartily wish every success and inspiration to the participants of the festival, and lasting impressions to the audience!

Chairman of the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg V.Y. Pankratov

To the International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"

Dear friends!

On behalf of the members of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, as well as of combat veterans and myself, I would like to welcome all the participants and guests of the International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World.!
Nothing unites people like art. Choral singing is a symbol of unity of the peoples of the world, a celebration for all those who love music.
I, being a resident of St. Petersburg, the city where I was born and grew up, where every street plays an elegant symphony of architecture, where the music sounded even in the besieged Leningrad I am doubly happy that the Leningrad land has become so dear to the International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World.
And let there be fighting and battles' only on the stage, in the musical sounds of singing, where there are no losers. Let music and friendship among the people of the planet Earth be the only winners.

Deputy of the St. Petersburg
Legislative Assembly
A.A. Gorshechnikov

Dear friends,
Dear participants of the International Competition and Festival of Choral Art The Singing World!

It is for the twelfth time that hospitable St. Petersburg meets a truly great cultural event of the summer the International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World! The cultural capital of Russia, unique in its architecture and beauty, full of true spirituality, again receives choirs from all over the singing world! Numerous palaces and masterpieces of urban sculpture, rivers, canals, the majestic Neva, museums with priceless works of art, and the most important treasure of St. Petersburg its people, true connoisseurs of fine arts, for whom meeting the participants of the festival will be pleasant and memorable.
It is for the tenth consecutive year that I am honored with chairing the jury of the International Competition of choirs and vocal ensembles bearing the name of my friend, outstanding St. Petersburg composer Yuri Falik. This year is the fifth since his demise. But his music lives not only in the hearts of the fans of contemporary choral music, but it will be heard many times again in the competition and festival programs of the Singing World.
TI am certain that all teams taking part in the tenth anniversary competition this year will demonstrate their high skills, dedication and true love for choral singing, creating the atmosphere of a great holiday of choral art.
I wish cloudless skies to all the participants and guests of the festival, the flame of inspiration to all contestants, and various and rich experience to everyone!

Chairman of International Jury of
the X International Competition named after Yury Falik,
Head of Choral Conducting Department of
St. Petersburg State Conservatoire
named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov,
Artistic Director of Student Choir of
St. Petersburg N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire,
Peoples Artist of Russia,
Valery Uspensky

Dear fans of choral music!

I am pleased to welcome you on behalf of one of the oldest and largest Russian artistic associations the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg!
It is for twelve consecutive years that the beginning of August in our city is marked with a great musical forum the Singing World International Festival of Choral Art. The crowded halls at all festival concerts, without exception, and the enthusiastic response by the public to everything they see and hear is proof of the relevance of this choral music celebration.
This year the International Competition of choirs and vocal ensembles The Singing World, which is traditionally held during the festival, will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It bears the name of outstanding contemporary Petersburg composer Yuri Falik, whose immense contribution to the development of the national choral movement is asserted by repeated performances of numerous choral works by this maestro in Russia and abroad.
The St. Petersburg Composers' Union is particularly pleased to note the fact that another of the festival traditions is a concert of choral music by composers of our city, which this year will take place at one of the best acoustic venues of St. Petersburg the A. K. Glazunov Small Hall of the St. Petersburg State Conservatoire. Religious and secular music by contemporary Petersburg authors will sound, performed by Russian and, what is also very important, foreign groups. This indicates a high level of the performers' and the audiences interest in the contemporary choral music by the composers of the city on the Neva.
My heartfelt wishes to everyone involved in the 12th International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World of success, joy, artistic experience, inspiration from the contact with the sublime art of singing, which is transgressing the boundaries uniting us and making our world stronger, more blessed and more perfect.

Chairman of St. Petersburg Union of Composers,
Artistic Director of
"St.Petersburg Musical Spring" International Festival,
Honoured Worker of Arts of the Russian of Arts,
Winner of the St. Petersburg Government Prize,
Grigory Korchmar
Dear friends!

I cordially greet the participants and guests of the 12th International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World and the 10th Anniversary Yuri Falik International Choir and Vocal Ensembles Competition The Singing World!
I am very happy that the International Singing World Competition is named after the professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire, outstanding Russian composer Yuri Falik, and the soiree of choral music by St. Petersburg composers to be held during the festival will take place in one of the most beautiful concert halls in Europe the A. K. Glazunov Small Hall of the St. Petersburg N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire. I am particularly pleased that this concert will feature works by composers who are teachers and professors of our Conservatoire, as well as by those Petersburg composers who have already left us but were closely related to the Conservatoire Dmitri Shostakovich, Vadim Salmanov, Vladislav Uspensky, Yuri Falik
I sincerely wish prosperity and longevity to the festival, fair competition and victories to the contestants, and bright impressions to the audience!

Rector of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatoire,
People's Artist of Russia,
Mikhail Gantvarg

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