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05.08 – 10.08. 2016
04.08 – 09.08. 2017
03.08 – 08.08. 2018

Greetings to participants and guests of the festival 2016

Dear friends,

I welcome the participants, guests and organizers of the 13th International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World"! The residents and visitors of our city can once again plunge into the atmosphere of the festival of choral music. A unique opportunity to get acquainted with the new achievements of modern choral art will open to the guests of the festival - to hear world-class soloists from different countries. This year's festival will be attended by forty choirs from Israel, China, Turkey, Russia and Europe. I am sure that this week-long musical marathon will be a nice gift for all lovers of the vocal arts. I sincerely wish "The Singing World" festival prosperity, and its organizers and participants success and artistic inspiration.

Chairman of the Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg

Dear fans of choral music!

On behalf of the All-Russian Choral Society I cordially greet the organizers, participants and guests of the International Festival of Choral Art The Singing World! In twelve years your Festival has established itself as a bright, distinctive choir forum with an original and unique character. It is gratifying to know that The Singing World has become a major musical event not only in the cultural life of the northern capital, but also a world-renowned choral festival, already having its own wonderful traditions. One of those is the Yuri Falik International competition of choirs and vocal ensembles held in St. Petersburg during the festival. I am sure that the festival will contribute to the expansion of cultural cooperation, preservation of traditions and promotion of choral singing in Russia, or, following the name of the festival, the preservation of the Singing World in all its beauty. After all, choral singing is one of the most democratic and the most ancient forms of music. I sincerely wish all the participants of the festival lots of inspiration and creative discoveries and the guests of this holiday of music - brilliant impressions from communion with the beautiful art!

Executive Director of the NP All-Russian Choral Society P.A. Pozhigailo

Dear servants and lovers of music!

It is the 13th time that our remarkable city will host the International festival of choral art "The Singing World" in its unique in their splendor concert halls, palaces and temples during these warm august days! The successfully found poetic title of the festival perfectly reflects its whole essence and purpose: this cultural forum provides an excellent opportunity for communication and union of professional musicians and the enthusiasts regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and age. All of them will speak and sing in their native languages, but understand one another perfectly because of a single unique idiom - the great language of music. The composers' union of St. Petersburg, one of the oldest and largest artistic unions of Russia, is very pleased to note the fact that a concert playing the works by St. Petersburg composers has become a tradition at the festival, and this year it will be played in Concert Hall of Yaani Kirik. Also, in the days of the festival, for the 11th time, the "Singing World" international choir and vocal ensembles’ competition will take place, named in honor of Youri Falik, the prominent modern composer, whose contribution to the development of the choral movement is vast, and whose numerous choral compositions are performed on a wide scale in Russia and abroad, being an integral part of the festival and the competition. I wish all the participants, guests and attendees of this forum the joy of contact with great art, that, breaking all boundaries, unites us into a single big choir, under the name of "The Singing World", making us spiritually better and stronger!

Chairman of the Union of composers of St. Petersburg, Art director of the "Petersburg musical spring" international festival, Honoured artist of the Russian Federation, The government of St. Petersburg award winner, Professor G.O. Korchmar

Dear friends!

Another celebration – the 13th International Festival of Choral Art "The Singing World" came to us in the glorious Peter’s city. It is associated with high creative expectations of the audiences, organizers of the festival, and the musical community of the city. In the 11th time the International competition of choirs and vocal ensembles "The Singing World" will take place during the festival. Recently it was named in honor of a friend of mine, a wonderful composer Yuri Falik of Petersburg, who stood at the origins of our festival and competition. There is no doubt that the teams participating in the contest will, as always, demonstrate a high level of performance, passion and heartfelt love of choral singing, thus creating the atmosphere of a great art fest! I wish the participants a fair and honest play and let the best ones win!

Chairman of the Jury of the 11th Yuri Falik International competition of choirs and vocal ensembles
"The Singing World",
Head of the department of choral conducting
of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory,
Artistic Director of the students’ choir
of the St. Petersburg Conservatory,
People's Artist of Russia,
Valery Uspensky

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